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Our current career opportunities are listed below:

We Are All About the Team
SJL Design Group is about our team. We work hard together and we also take time to nurture our professional relationships, friendships and work family. We believe in creating a positive work environment. We encourage the staff to organize interoffice events. We actively participate in regularly scheduled themed events, outings and “lunch and learn” opportunities to promote an “esprit de corps” and to enjoy our work-life.

We support and encourage professional development. We feel that it is important to always grow and learn. We promote mentorship and sharing the knowledge of experience. We place value on the balance between work and life. We are aware of the responsibility that we as individuals and as a firm have to our community. This culture of sharing and relationship building in both our work and private time creates a climate of good will and satisfaction that in the end, creates better products and services.

We are always accepting resumes. Check back often for new opportunities…